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Palamatic Rota Slit bag opener


Palamatic Rota Slit bag opener. Stainless steel construction on contact surfaces. Capable of handling 2-8 50 lbs sacks per minute. The sacks are loaded onto a 30″ wide x 18′ long conveyor and feed to rotating cutting wheels to open the bag. The product is separated from bag by screw and screen system. This also allows for delumping of product. Product is discharge to through chute to 4″ rotary airlock then to 1.5″ discharge line. The bag remnants are sent to a bag compactor for collection. Overall dimensions of unit are 9′ wide x 20′ long x 13′ high with conveyor. Requires 230/460 vac 60 hz 3 phase electrical supply. Excellent condition.

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