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340 gallon Groen jacketed stainless steel processing kettle

340 gallon Groen jacketed stainless steel flat bottom processing kettle. Model number AM 300. Jacket has a maximum working pressure of 30 psi. (No National Board stamp) Jacket has (2) 1.5” NPT fittings. Top of processor has an agitator bridge with 1 hp sweep agitator, 2.5” NPT fitting, 2.5” sanitary Tri-Clamp fitting, and a 2” sanitary Tri-Clamp fitting. Bottom has a 3” sanitary Tri-Clamp side discharge and 1.5” sanitary Tri-Clamp fitting. Measures 47” in diameter x 47” straight side and including (4) legs and agitator has an overall height of 74”. Processor has (2) 1/3 hinged lids with gating. Serial number 89539. Good Conditon.

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Used Processor Kettle

Used Processor Kettle

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