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AMI TopZip resealable packaging system


AMI TopZip model D-2500-25-RH is a resealable packaging system that affixes a zipper along the top, short side of polyethylene packages (ex. Ziploc). TopZip can run up to an estimated 60 bags per minute. The TopZip system can be used with any vertical bagger and can be used inline with form, fill, and seal equipment. The reclosable zipper application is currently set up for 1629 type zipper. The unit includes a Branson BCA 900 ultrasonic power supply. Serial # 00021801. Requires 220 vac, 3 phase, 20 amp electrical and 80 psi pneumatic supplies. Built 2000. This unit was inspected at our warehouse by an AMI technician and is in working condition. Good condition.

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